Ocitex introduces you to a wide range of fabrics for mattress protection, such as:
  • Terry – available in several weights compositions and colors
  • Jersey – available in several weights compositions and colors
  • Molton from 160 grs/m2 up to 400 grs/m2
  • Waterproofing by lamination PVC and PU

We make many types of confection:

  • Fitted sheet – with elastics all around
  • Platform – with 4 elastics
Mattress that supported you to sleep well all night isolated on white background.
  • Split – for articulated beds
  • Pillow cases – flap or zip

Each article can lead to the application of specific treatments such as anti mites, bacteria and mosquitoes.

  • Greentop®
    Scientifically proven treatment against the proliferation of mites.
    Hypoallergenic and non-aggressive to the skin and eyes.
  • Greenfirst®
    Natural treatment, bio-active. Free of chemicals, it respects the environment.
    Ensures a barrier to dust mites, mosquitoes, bed bugs and moths.
  • Bi-ome®
    Permanent treatment.
    Anti-microbial technology.
  • Essential®
    Treatment against dust mites, bacteria and odours.

For hotels, we offer a wide range of fabrics such as:

  • Percale 100% cotton and polyester/cotton
Stack of clean bedding sheets and towels isolated on white
  • Plain satin, stripes or squares.
white Pillow, Bedding sheets and pillows up white bedding striped textile in bedroom and sunshire blue sky in window frame

As suppliers of PVC products, we have a responsibility imposed by REACH (European Community Chemicals Regulation), phthalate control.
Therefore, any product marketed with this component perfectly meets the requirements of the European Community.

Please contact us for any other situation not described here.
All items presented can be made in different sizes.
With yours and our know-how, we will meet your needs.